About Us

Here you will find everything to reinvigorate your inner glow

About Us

Hello! My name is Marina.

And I want every woman on this planet to glow! I want real femininity to returned to fashion!

I'll tell you a little of my background. In my life was an amazing woman, my grandmother. She taught me everything. Her most important lesson that she taught me was how to be a woman. How to be simultaneously strong and weak; how to take care of my family, the home and at the same time not to forget about yourself. Until the last day of her life she found the strength to color her hair, because she could not afford to go outside with gray untidy hair. And she cannot forget her red lipstick. She taught me how to create beauty in everything she touched.

After all, this is the main duty of a woman - to lighten up everything around her with the light of love, being a muse, the subject of admiration, and to make this world a better place.

With the bustle of everyday life we often forget things.

Sometimes we can be spoiled as a squirrel in a ring of oak-trying to catch a million nuts at a time.

In times like this we tend to forget to take a moment to love ourselves. Grandma never did.

But how can we cover the world, exude beauty and love if we are empty inside - if we have nothing to give?

Therefore, it is very important for a woman to be able to appreciate yourself, create small rituals everyday. Something that remind us that we are beautiful goddesses!

My goal to give every women, on this planet, small secrets to open up their femininity.

Wearing jewelry is one pampering method that you will remind you that you are special!

Natural cosmetics, which will turn into a small magic ritual, and much more.

We are constantly expanding our range and bring a little magic for your inner light!