Eucalyptus essential oil

Cosmetic Action:

▫️ Care of problem skin, relieving conditions like acne and furunculosis

▫️Helps in relieving herpes blisters and allows oily skin to look clean and healthy by reducing the porosity of the skin

▫️Normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands, regenerates skin after burns and frostbite

▫️Soothes damaged areas on the skin

▫️Anti-cellulite effect

▫️Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect

▫️Healing wounds and abrasions

▫️Relaxes the body after strenuous physical exertion, relieves muscle tension and neutralizes burns

▫️Strengthening the hair, preventing hair loss, preventing the appearance of dandruff

Psycho-emotional action:

▫️Drives away melancholy, drowsiness

▫️Eliminates increased fatigue, motivates, stimulates concentration

▫️Helps with headaches caused by stuffiness or fatigue

Domestic use:

▫️With just a few drops this do it all essential oil has a repellent effect against midges, flies and cockroaches

▫️Use it for wet cleaning and disinfection of the premises

Precautionary measuring

Do not use during pregnancy; children under 6 years old;  with high blood pressure; epilepsy. Do not apply to hypersensitive skin. Do not use with homeopathic medicines. Check for individual intolerance.

Storage condition

Store in tightly closed bottles, protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of children, at temperatures 5C to 25C

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