Gua Sha Opalite

Gua Sha Opalite

Gua Sha face massager Opalite

Gua Sha is an ancient technique of face and body massage that has been used in the East for many years.

Due to the elaboration of not only the upper layers of the skin, but also of the muscles, metabolic processes are activated, wrinkles are smoothed, lifting and restoration of the face tone occurs. By accelerating blood and lymph circulation, Gua Sha massage activates parts of the face that have fallen asleep for one reason or another. Such care can also be to take time for yourself and strengthen the connection with your body. Choose your special Gua Sha and make it an integral part of your beauty ritual.


▫️Usually appearing milky or clear in color, opalite is prized in the world of crystal healing for its healing properties of being able to purify the kidneys and the blood, along with a multitude of metaphysical properties too.

▫️Opalite works wonderfully for people who are having difficulty sleeping or often undergo nightmares.

▫️Opalite further has an extremely calming effect on the heart, and can also aid in regulating an irregular heartbeat.

▫️Opalite may possibly assist in developing healthy oxygenation and lung function within the body.

▫️It purifies the blood and kidneys and eases fever.

▫️Opalite is believed to induce the flow of good energy and aid the body and mind in freeing themselves from negative energy, which leads to both emotional and physical benefits.


▫️You should also be aware that this help with change applies to all types of life changes, whether they are major or minor changes. Opalite will assist you by making things much easier than they would have been otherwise.

▫️This stone is considered special because of its reputation for inducing clear thinking and bringing about new beginnings.

▫️Also this stone can be used for emotional support for stabilize mood swings and help to overcome tiredness.