Gua Sha Pink Quartz

Gua Sha Pink Quartz

Gua Sha face massager Rose Quartz

Gua Sha is an ancient technique of face and body massage that has been used in the East for many years.

Due to the elaboration of not only the upper layers of the skin, but also of the muscles, metabolic processes are activated, wrinkles are smoothed, lifting and restoration of the face tone occurs. By accelerating blood and lymph circulation, Gua Sha massage activates parts of the face that have fallen asleep for one reason or another. Such care can also be to take time for yourself and strengthen the connection with your body. Choose your special Gua Sha and make it an integral part of your beauty ritual.


▫️Gua Sha massager helps to reshape the appearance of the skin through a gentle facial massage

▫️It also helps the lymphatic system, which is the body's most important and basic detoxification system.

▫️ The “Heart Stone” energy essence covers your body with vibrations that heal ailments of the heart and circulatory system. Relaxing the heart leads to correction of the body's functions. From your headaches or migraines, sinus issues, earaches and throat problems the benefits of rose quartz are highly regarded. The heart issues, lung problems and kidney diseases are known to have been stabilized due to the benefits of rose quartz.

▫️In the reproductive system, the rose quartz energy can be used in sexual challenges and infertility. Childbirth, complicated pregnancy and postpartum disorders are issues that rose quartz wonderful healing energy works with.

▫️It aids in addictions, depression, anxiety disorders and stress-related ailments too like eating disorders as the calming effect of rose quartz presence relaxes the brain to function in harmony with the body.

▫️The anti-aging properties of rose quartz prevent wrinkles, age spots, acne, rashes and brighten the skin’s natural glow and appearance.


▫️Metaphysically, rose quartz corresponds to the heart chakra, the center of love and energy.

▫️It helps relieve tension and stress in the body, relieves anxiety and enhances self-satisfaction, which is important for smooth and youthful skin.

▫️Rose quartz is considered a crystal of love and harmony

▫️It helps to relax and calm oneself emotionally, gives happiness, romantic feelings and sensuality.

▫️Rose quartz also relieves jealousy and infertility.

▫️ The pink crystal works wonders in your sleep as it does not only give you a sound sleep but blocks nightmares and gives happy dreams.

▫️ Awakening sensual creativity and tender fantasies are well known rose quartz powers. It is an aphrodisiac that encourages passion and intimacy between you and your partner