Gua Sha White Jade

Gua Sha White Jade

Gua Sha face massager White Jade

Gua Sha is an ancient technique of face and body massage that has been used in the East for many years.

Due to the elaboration of not only the upper layers of the skin, but also of the muscles, metabolic processes are activated, wrinkles are smoothed, lifting and restoration of the face tone occurs. By accelerating blood and lymph circulation, Gua Sha massage activates parts of the face that have fallen asleep for one reason or another. Such care can also be to take time for yourself and strengthen the connection with your body. Choose your special Gua Sha and make it an integral part of your beauty ritual.


▫️According to traditional Eastern skincare rituals, white jade is used to boost circulation, balance skin tone, and to heal the skin to give your complexion a youthful glow.

▫️ White jade beneficial for the body in healing itself.

▫️It supports the kidney and bladder

▫️It may ease the pains of arthritis and some other conditions, in relation to the bones and joints.

▫️White jade stabilize and correct the power in the reproductive system.


▫️This particular stone is also known for its power in making you feel peaceful and calm.

▫️The powerful healing energies of the white jade are well-known worldwide as it has the capacity to purify the heart’s energies.

▫️Additionally, the energies of the white jade may also inspire you in being much kinder to people, as well as help you in getting rid of the feelings of isolation, abandonment, or loneliness.

▫️White jade may bring prosperity, abundance and richness in life.Ever since the ancient times, this talisman has been treasured due to its abilities in bringing luck in business, health, and love.

▫️It is also a beneficial stone when you are beginning to lose your confidence in your own motivation and self-confidence in attaining your goals in life.