Lemongrass essential oil

Cosmetic action

◽️recommended for nourishing and toning any skin type

◽️improves the structure and color of the skin, deeply moisturizes and gives it elasticity

◽️fights against acne and minimizes inflammation of any origin

◽️provides proper care for oily skin

◽️prevention of cellulite and stretch marks refreshes the scalp, reduces greasiness of oily hair and gives a pleasant aroma

Psycho-emotional action

◽️eliminates the feeling of fatigue and loss of vitality

◽️helps to find new motivations

◽️improves mood

◽️fills with erotic energy

Household use

◽️has a repellent effect against mosquitoes and household fleas

◽️wet cleaning and disinfection of premises ◽️a natural air aroma

Precautionary measuring

Do not use during pregnancy, children under 7 years of age, people with increased excitability, people suffering from severe hypertension. Use with caution for prostate diseases and glaucoma. Do not apply to dry, sensitive skin areas. Do not use continuously for more than 14 days. The aroma can lead to short-term contraction of the vocal cords, sore throat and hoarseness, so it is not compatible with announcer, singing, lecturing. Check for individual intolerance.

Storage condition

Store in tightly closed bottles, protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of children, at temperatures 5C to 25C

Country of origin of raw materials