Melissa essential oil

Cosmetic action

◽️recommended for oily and problematic skin, reduces skin porosity, reduces pustular inflammation, acne and black spots on the face

◽️an additional natural remedy against herpes

◽️effective for restoring the juiciness and natural color of the lips

◽️ normalizes the secretion of oily hair, eliminates the "dirty hair effect", used as a prophylactic tool against dandruff, prevents hair loss

◽️ cares for the skin of hands, nails, softens the cuticle

Psycho-emotional action

◽️ helps with weather sensitivity, relieves symptoms of painful acclimatization

◽️ removes from a melancholy state, normalizes sleep

Household use

◽️ has a repellent effect against mosquitoes and cockroaches

◽️ cleans the air, filling it with freshness

◽️ used for wet cleaning and disinfection of premises

Precautionary measures:

Do not use during pregnancy.  A slightly sharp aroma of lemon balm is not suitable for people engaged in announcer, singing, lecturer activities, because.  it can cause transient hoarseness and a scratchy throat.  Do not use undiluted and for more than 14 days continuously.  Check for individual intolerance.

Storage conditions:

Store in tightly closed vials, protected from direct sunlight, out of the reach of children, at t from 5°C to 25°C.

Country producer of raw materials: