Rosemary essential oil 

Cosmetic action

▫️allows oily skin to look healthy by regulating the sebaceous glands,

▫️tightening and unclogging pores,

▫️eliminating oily shine and blackheads,

▫️reduces rashes on problem skin - blackheads and comedones,

▫️smoothes unevenness and evens out skin relief,

▫️fights the signs of aging, caring for age-worn skin, restores elasticity and reduces wrinkles,

▫️helps to eliminate age spots and improves complexion,

▫️relieves puffiness,

▫️stimulates the resorption of scars and scars, showing its pronounced regenerative abilities,

▫️has a powerful anti-cellulite effect,

▫️cares for hair, prevents dandruff, accelerates hair growth and increases hair volume

Psycho-emotional action

▫️helps to overcome mental fatigue and lethargy, tune in to move forward,

▫️is a warming and relaxing aphrodisiac

Domestic use

▫️used for wet cleaning and disinfection of premises,

▫️is a natural air flavoring

Precautionary measuring

Do not use during pregnancy; children under 6 years old;  with high blood pressure; epilepsy. Do not apply to hypersensitive skin. Do not apply to skin less than 60 minutes before sunbathing, possible photosensitivity. Do not use with homeopathic medicines. Check for individual intolerance.

Storage condition

Store in tightly closed bottles, protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of children, at temperatures 5C to 25C

Country of origin of raw materials